Has this ever happened to you?

You are in a clothing store flipping through the racks.  As you look, thoughts run through your mind –

“too tight”, “too short”, “Not for me!”  Then after spending the better part of a day looking for

something to wear, you end up in your car with a few pair of socks and another pair of shoes.  But what

about the outfit you needed which was the sole purpose of this shopping trip?

Yes, this sock story is true and happened to me.

At the same time while on these desperate yet futile shopping trips, women would come to me and ask

where I found my sweater, or coat, or dress.  I would always lament, “Oh, you can’t buy this. I made it.”

The “ah-hah” moment!

My design firm, Robin Desman Spindt, was created because I was dreadfully unhappy with my choices in

clothing for women, particularly baby-boomers.  Retro my dear? We all know those clothes are just re-

tread from the hippie era.

Here at Robin Desman Spindt, I am taking a fresh approach with designs that truly help women feel

good about themselves.  My goal is to create garments that hide those parts we don’t want others to

know we have grown, while emphasizing our features we still feel are alluring.

I also feel it is still important to us women that our clothing be well made and represented. This is why

Robin Desman Spindt designs are created with the finest quality materials and our service is always first

class.  A team of fifteen or more in the atelier work on the designs especially for you.

Robin Desman Spindt offers classic, simple design lines with elegance. All the garments are hand made

with the finest fabrics, beads and structure.

Please come along with me on my journey as I follow my dreams and my passion for fashion.  

Remember, it is never too late to start over again. Robin