Robin Spindt Jackets: Quality and Style

The women’s jackets designed by Robin Spindt have a classic look and feel to them with a modern twist. They are designed for a sophisticated woman who is stylish yet wants something that is timeless and can be worn for any occasion. There are four designer jackets, each one different from the next in style but the same in its great quality. 

The Robin Spindt Linton Tweed Jacket is a women’s jacket for that woman who enjoy classic styles and who expects quality. It is a hip-length custom tailored jacket that has gold threading interwoven into the tweed. This adds to the timeless aspect of the jacket. It has large gold buttons that match the gold threading. This designer jacket is a fully lined custom tailored to fit any woman and every aspect of it is of great quality. The great thing about this timeless piece is that it can be worn during the day for work, meetings, tea lunches and it can be worn at night for dinner celebrations, weddings, and gallery openings. 

For the woman who enjoys a soft, structured jacket with a modern twist, Robin Spindt designed the Cashmere Jacket. This women’s jacket is tailored from the finest cashmere so the quality is guaranteed. It is cut in the style of a hunting jacket but at the hip it flairs slightly in a peplum. This addition gives it a more feminine and modern look. The collar boasts velvet accents that only add to the colors, red and blue, of the jacket. Incredibly, Spindt has given the option of customizing the color of the jacket allowing each woman to feel as if her jacket was made just for her. This designer jacket can go from day to night. 

Two stylish but different printed jackets are part of Robin Spindt’s women’s jacket collection. There is the Jeweled Printed Jacket and the Jeweled Zebra Print Jacket. The Printed jacket has an African tribal print in earth tones with complementing colors of white and purple. Like all of Spindt’s jackets, it is of great quality and hand crafted. It has a great lining that makes it really comfortable to wear. It has bands around the collar, cuffs and hemline of the jacket that only add to the uniqueness of the jacket. Along the front, it has hand-beaded beads that seem like buttons but large front snap closures. The best part about this jacket and the Zebra Print Jacket is that they do not wrinkle easily and can travel well. 

The Jeweled Zebra Print Jacket is a great quality print women’s jacket that stands out. It is fully lined with quality and handcrafted lining. Great accents can be found along the collar, handcuffs, and hemline and along the front of the jacket. The beading found along the front of the jacket is handpicked making each jacket different and unique. It also has large front closures. Like all of Spindt’s designer women’s jackets, this jacket has size options from 10-18, with custom orders and professional service. 

The Robin Spindt jackets for women are of high quality. They have a timeless and classical look with a modern and feminine twist. The jackets allow the wearer to stand out while boasting a style not found anywhere. 

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