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    Private Label Dresses

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    Women's Jackets

    • By Robin Spindt

Fashion has no age restrictions.

Did you ever hear about fashion for women over 50? How about fashion for women over 60?  My goal is to create fashionable yet appropriate garments that hide those parts we don’t want others to know we have grown, while emphasizing our features we still feel are alluring.

With my women jacket collection, you can find that comfort that I know many other women are looking for. My jacket collection is made from the finest materials and with women fashion in mind, from the design of the jacket to the production of it.

Robin Spindt aims to clothe fashion’s forgotten generation, successful female baby boomers. Never again will you have to worry about the selections available to our generation. Every stitch, every seam, every bead has been expertly designed by Ms. Spindt. Let her one-of-a-kind designs truly express who you are.